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Is a number of patients insufficiently understanding all gravity of disease. we understand that the reference to the doctor is connected with certain difficulties. we as met patients who tried To treat itself folk remedies. . For hang-over The enema because the hang-over is a consequence of a strong alcoholic poisoning is. the enema promotes organism clarification. however it is better to do it before a dream. even for fast removal of a hang-over it is recommended to pour 20 drops of mint spirit in a full glass of water and at once to drink. in some minutes there will come full disposal of a headache and other signs of yesterday's binge. with a hungover syndrome physical activities help to consult also. it is connected with blood circulation acceleration in an organism therefore toxins leave faster (depending on weight of loadings to several times faster). it is possible to consider as additional plus of physical activities that they distract from thoughts on weight of condition Of hang-over, , Of hang-over. For hang-over - - 15 6 - 10 10 - Of hang-over Of hang-over . .
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