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Alcoholic dependence develops not at once, and gradually in the course of the long unlimited use of spirits. allocate some stages of development of alcoholic dependence which are characterised defined By symptoms. at first people are fond of binge, then start to drink. difference of drunkenness from binge consists that binge assumes a company choice, the state of mind, and drunkenness is when has got, anywhere, that has got and with whom has got. drunkenness is a basis for all other - both for the company, and for friendship, and for love. gradually for some years people from casually drinking, (which use on the average 50-150-. vodka (a maximum of 250 ml.) from several times a year to several times a month) pass in a category regularly and habitually drinking, (which 200-300 ml use. (to 500 ml.) vodka 1-2 times week and 500 ml. vodka and more than 2-3 in a week accordingly, but thus have no clinically expressed infringements). alcohol in their life takes every year more and more important place, becoming the basic source of reception of pleasure. finally abusing alcohol at habitually drinking people affects their professional level, home life, on their social status, leading, eventually, to alcoholic dependence. alcoholic dependence is a heavy chronic illness, for the alcoholic intoxication is represented the best mental condition. this inclination does not give in to reasonable arguments to stop to drink. the alcoholic directs all energy, means and thoughts on alcohol getting, not beginning from real conditions (presence of money in a family, necessity of appearance at work, etc.). time, having drunk, he aspires to get drunk to full intoxication, to unconsciousness.
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